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CDBrow Class Reference

The next database client library row class. More...

#include <CDB.h>

Public Member Functions

 CDBrow (CDBquery *Q, int trow=0)
 Default constructor.
 CDBrow (const CDBrow &c)
 Copy constructor.
 CDBrow ()
CDBrowoperator= (const CDBrow &c)
CDBfield operator[] (const CDBstring &fn)
 Retriev field by name operator.
CDBfield operator[] (int i)
 Retriev field by index operator.

Data Fields

int row

Detailed Description

The next database client library row class.

This class is an abstract view of a row in a sql query resultset. This class uses the driver capabilities to navigate with a simple index number through the fields of an database row. With the overlaoded operator[](const char* fn) you can search for columns by it name.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CDBrow  ) 

CDBrow const CDBrow c  ) 

Copy constructor.

CDBrow CDBquery Q,
int  trow = 0

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

CDBrow& operator= const CDBrow c  ) 

CDBfield operator[] const CDBstring fn  ) 

Retriev field by name operator.

CDBfield operator[] int  i  ) 

Retriev field by index operator.

Field Documentation

CDBquery* mQ

int row

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