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/var/home/joerg/c/CDB/include/cdb_driver_symbol.h File Reference

#include "bindvar.h"

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Data Structures

struct  cdb_datetime
struct  driver_symbols
 Structure to driver callback functions. More...


#define OPT_PTR_CHECK   4
#define OPT_REEXECUTE   8
#define OPT_SQL_TRACE   1


typedef cdb_datetime cdb_datetime_t
typedef driver_symbols_t *(* driver_func_t )(void)
 Type for driver initialization callback.
typedef driver_symbols driver_symbols_t
 Structure to driver callback functions.
typedef char * Tptr
 Abstract pointer type.

Define Documentation


#define OPT_PTR_CHECK   4

#define OPT_REEXECUTE   8

#define OPT_SQL_TRACE   1

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct cdb_datetime cdb_datetime_t

typedef driver_symbols_t*(* driver_func_t)(void)

Type for driver initialization callback.

typedef struct driver_symbols driver_symbols_t

Structure to driver callback functions.

This structure defines the main interface between api (CDB classes) and driver. Implement functions defined in this structure to build your own driver.

It's really easy!

Joerg Hundertmarck, <>

typedef char* Tptr

Abstract pointer type.

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