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CDB Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CDBDefine methods for accessing the functions of a loaded driver
CDBcharacterVector::CDBcharacterIteratorBasic iterator instance for CDBcharacterVector
CDBcharacterVectorImplement dynamic allocation and iteration for Mchar string literals
CDBconnectionThe next database client library connection class
CDBdateAbstract reprsenetation of a simple calender date
CDBdatetimeAbstract reprsenetation of a simple calender date
CDBfieldThe next database client library field class
CDBqueryThe next database library query and execution class
CDBrowThe next database client library row class
CDBstringThe CDB abstract string class
CDBtimeAbstract reprsenetation of a simple calender date
CEXqueryException class for CDBquery
driver_symbolsStructure to driver callback functions
st_string_forward_conversionStructure for initialized converter data

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