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CDBdatetime Class Reference

Abstract reprsenetation of a simple calender date. More...

#include <CDB.h>

Public Member Functions

 CDBdatetime (time_t t)
 CDBdatetime (const struct tm &t)
 CDBdatetime (const CDBdatetime &c)
 CDBdatetime ()
time_t mktime (struct tm *pb=NULL)
CDBdatetimeoperator= (time_t t)
CDBdatetimeoperator= (const struct tm &t)
CDBdatetimeoperator= (const CDBdatetime &c)
int operator== (const CDBdatetime &c)

Static Public Member Functions

static CDBdatetime now ()
 Get current date and time.

Data Fields

int day
int hour
int minute
int month
int msecond
int second
int year

Detailed Description

Abstract reprsenetation of a simple calender date.

This class defines a abstract type for simple calender date and time. It has a resolution up to seconds.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CDBdatetime  )  [inline]

CDBdatetime const CDBdatetime c  )  [inline]

CDBdatetime const struct tm &  t  )  [inline]

CDBdatetime time_t  t  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

time_t mktime struct tm *  pb = NULL  )  [inline]

static CDBdatetime now  )  [inline, static]

Get current date and time.

This method returns a CDBdatetime object with the current date and time.

CDBdatetime& operator= time_t  t  )  [inline]

CDBdatetime& operator= const struct tm &  t  )  [inline]

CDBdatetime& operator= const CDBdatetime c  )  [inline]

int operator== const CDBdatetime c  )  [inline]

Field Documentation

int day

int hour

int minute

int month

int msecond

int second

int year

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